The perfect combination in the Tyrolean mountains

Bike & Hike tours in the Paznaun region

Would you like to explore the most spectacular mountain bike trails of the Paznaun? Or rather put on your hiking boots to climb the most breathtaking summits? The good news: In the Paznaun region, you don’t have to choose one over the other!

Because the mountain world surrounding Galtür, Ischgl, Kappl and See is the perfect place to combine hiking and mountain biking. The result: unrivalled XXL outdoor adventures. After all, the Paznaun is known as a paradise for both mountain bikers and hikers.


Nature experience Paznaun

Explore nature on two wheels

Our “Bike & Hike” offers allow you to customise your outdoor adventures in the Paznaun region even more. To get to the starting point of your hike, simply hop on your mountain bike and explore the region’s most stunning trails along the way. If you want to save your energy for the hiking part, you can also opt for a more leisurely e-bike ride.

Whether they’re easy or challenging, all of our Bike & Hike trails have a professional bike depot waiting at the end, where you can safely store your bike. After your hike, you can look forward to an action-fuelled or laid-back downhill ride.

The advantage: It’s quick and easy to get to the starting point of your hiking trail. Plus, you can rest assured that your bike is safely stored while you explore the Tyrolean mountain world on foot.

Bike depots in the Paznaun at a glance:

  • Galtür
    • Alpengasthof Zeinis
    • Berggasthof Piz Buin
    • Heilbronner Hütte
    • Larein Alpe
  • Kappl
    • Almstüberl
    • Seßladalpe
    • Visnitzalpe
  • Ischgl
    • Bergstation Flimjochbahn & Velillbahn
    • Friedrichshafener Hütte
    • Heidelberger Hütte
    • Larein Alpe
    • Samnaun: Alp Bella
  • See
    • Ascherhütte


Hike along scenic trails

Hiking with a view in the Paznaun

Once your bike is safely stored in the bike depot, it’s time to lace up your hiking boots! After all, some of the most beautiful hiking trails of the Alps are waiting for you in the mountains surrounding Galtür, Ischgl, Kappl and See!

From short and sweet to more challenging trails: What all hiking trails in the Paznaun have in common are the splendid views along the way.

Our tip: If you haven’t already had a snack after your bike ride, you’re bound to get hungry during your hike. Fortunately, the hiking trails of the Paznaun region are all lined with inviting mountain huts. And believe us when we say that traditional Tyrolean treats like Kaiserschmarren taste best when enjoyed on the sun terrace of a cosy mountain hut!

Varied tours and one-of-a-kind combinations

The most beautiful tours for combiners

When it comes to mountain biking and hiking in the Paznaun, outdoor enthusiasts are truly spoilt for choice. After all, there are countless ways to combine the region’s most picturesque trails into individual hiking and cycling experiences.

Whether you’re a leisure cyclist or an avid hiker: There is a multitude of tours and trails for you to choose from around Galtür, Ischgl, Kappl and See. The best thing about it: You don’t have to choose just one of them!

Galtür – Alpengasthof Zeinis – Verbellaalpe – Wiegensee

easy | 12,2 km | 528 hm

Galtür – Alpengasthof Zeinis – Breitspitze

easy | 13,7 km | 752 hm

Galtür – Alpengasthof ZeinisFädnerspitze

medium | 9,0 km | 1178 hm

Galtür –  Larein AlpePredigberg

medium | 13,3 km | 1173 hm

Galtür – Alpengasthof Zeinis – Verbellaalpe – Versalspitze

medium | 14,9 km | 1047 hm

Galtür – Berggasthof Piz Buin – Bielerspitze

medium | 16,2 km | 1050 hm

Galtür – Jamtalhüttewestliches Gamshorn

hard | 12,0 km | 1398 hm

Galtür – Jamtalhütte"Die drei 3.000er": Bischofsspitze, Breite Krone, Grenzeckkopf

hard | 17,2 km | 1578 hm

Galtür – Kops Stausee – Heilbronner Hütte – Muttenjoch – Gaisspitz

hard | 18,7 km | 1401 hm

Galtür – Berggasthof Piz Buin – Hohes Rad

hard | 30,7 km | 1591 hm

Ischgl – Larein AlpeBerglisee

easy | 12,6 km | 821 hm

Ischgl/Piel – Friedrichshafner HütteHohe Köpfe

medium | 19,2 km | 1257 hm

Ischgl/Piel – Friedrichshafner HütteGrießkogel

hard | 15,3 km | 1210 hm

Ischgl – Bergstation Velillbahn Bürkelkopf (über Velilltrail zurück ins Tal)

hard | 18,1 km | 1570 hm (Nutzung der Bergbahnen möglich)

Ischgl – Bergstation FlimjochbahnBürkelkopf

hard | 20,2 km | 1570 hm (Nutzung der Bergbahnen möglich)

Ischgl – Heidelberger Hütte"Die drei 3.000er": Bischofsspitze, Breite Krone, Grenzeckkopf

hard | 21,2 km | 1835 hm

Ischgl – Viderjoch (Bergstation Flimjochbahn) – Schmuggler Trail – Alp Trida Sattel (CH) – Piz Munschuns (CH)

hard | 31,0 km | 2220 hm (Nutzung der Bergbahnen möglich)

Ischgl – Viderjoch (Bergstation Flimjochbahn) – Alp Trida (CH) – Alp Bella (CH) – Grübelekopf

hard | 31,1 km | 2420 hm (Nutzung der Bergbahnen möglich)

Kappl – VisnitzalpeMittagskopf

medium | 8,2 km | 1080 hm

Kappl – Seßladalpe – Niederelbehütte – Kappler Kopf 

medium | 21,6 km | 1143 hm

Kappl – Seßladalpe – Niederelbehütte – Kreuzjochspitze

hard | 22,9 km | 1630 hm

Kappl – Seßladalpe – Niederelbehütte – Seßladspitze

hard | 24,0 km | 1483 hm

Kappl – Almstüberl – Alblittköpfe (über Diastrail zurück ins Tal)

hard | 26,8 km | 1620 hm (Nutzung der Bergbahnen möglich)

See – Medrigalm – AscherhütteRotpleiskopf

hard | 29,3 km | 1884 hm (Nutzung der Bergbahnen möglich)

See – Medrigalm – AscherhütteFurgler

hard | 32,0 km | 2166 hm (Nutzung der Bergbahnen möglich)

All tours on the map

Explore the region with the pros

Bike & Hike Guides in the Paznaun

Are you unsure about doing a combined bike & hike tour in the Paznaun on your own? Or prefer to cycle or hike in a group? Then you should get in touch with the official Bike & Hike guides of the Paznaun! The experienced guides will show you the prettiest spots of the Tyrolean mountains and how to get there by bike and on foot.

Together with like-minded outdoor enthusiasts and locals who know the surrounding summits like the back of their hand, you will cycle and hike towards unforgettable holiday experiences. Our verdict: highly recommended!