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Pure refreshment in the Paznaun region

The fascination of water

If you have sat at the shores of a glistening mountain lake before, you know that water holds a special fascination. Fortunately, the Paznaun region is blessed with a multitude of these spiritual places. 

Crystal-clear mountain lakes, murmuring streams, shady gorges, soothing swimming lakes: The waters of the Paznaun region offer pure refreshment – for your body, mind and soul.

On an active pursuit or as part of a relaxed exploration: It’s up to you how you want to explore the lakes and streams around Galtür, Ischgl, Kappl and See. There are many ways to enjoy the water in the Paznaun region and spend truly refreshing holidays in the Tyrolean mountains!

Active and sporty: hiking along the water

Outdoor sports and water go together perfectly in the Paznaun region. After all, many of the region’s most beautiful hiking and cycling routes run along streams and lakes.

If you’re not afraid of challenging ascents, your hike will be rewarded with crystal-clear mountain lakes waiting for you high up in the mountains. One thing’s for sure: These gems of the mountain world are definitely worth the effort of an extended hike or bike trip!

By the way: You don’t need to head to the mountains to enjoy the lakes and streams of the Paznaun region. For instance, many enticing swimming lakes are also waiting for you down in the valley!

The top mountain lakes for hikes and bike tours:

Relaxed and without hurry: refreshing holiday pleasures

You don’t have to be an avid hiker or cyclist to explore the waters of the Paznaun. Many of the region’s lakes, streams and gorges are also perfect for relaxed walks.

If your fitness level doesn’t allow for long hikes, you can even reach some of the local mountain lakes by car. For instance, both Lake Kleinzeinissee and the Silvretta reservoir offer great opportunities for easy strolls.

The perfect way to top off your trip is a visit to one of the region’s mountain huts. After all, the cuisine of the Paznaun is just as refreshing as its crystal-clear lakes and streams.

Swimming fun for families

A family holiday without water? Unimaginable! The Paznaun region awaits families with plenty of water-based adventures. For instance, the local swimming lakes and public pools are a great choice to soak up the sun and enjoy a bit of beach feeling.

Relaxed family hikes take you past picturesque streams that were made for splashing, exploring and building dams. Many of the hiking routes that lead up to the region’s amazing mountain lakes are also suitable for children. Plus, you can also use the convenient mountain hut taxi

Did you know? Apart from swimming and splashing about, many more holiday adventures are waiting for active families around Galtür, Ischgl, Kappl and See. Discover the family highlights of the Paznaun region!

The swimming highlights for families: