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In keeping with the quote: "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." (George Bernard Shaw), we offer our CREW Academy for you.

Beside language courses in German and English, we provide ‘Learning Nuggets'. These are short and compact workshops which you can manage at a free afternoon or after work easily. They are your possibilitiy to enhance your knowledge in your field of expertise or develop your personality. Get these small bites of know-how on many themes like communication and rhetoric, insights behind the scenes of a gourmet kitchen as well as technical areas or learn something new about champagne, cocktails, gin and wine.

On the one hand, 'Learning Nuggets' are teached by established coaches. On the other hand, you also have the opportunity to share your knowledge with the CREW as a Local Hero.

Raising personal success by new knowledge!

Learning Nuggets


Taking pictures with individual settings and without automatic mode is even more fun! Simone will show you this simple basics of camera photography and will introduce you the 3 core elements "aperture", "time" and "ISO". After the theoretical part you will try out the lessons learned with your own camera.
(Participation only if you fulfill one of the 3G rules!)

  • Date:                Tuesday, 03 of August 2021
  • Location:          Musikpavillon Ischgl
  • Time:                 1:30 - 4:30 pm
  • Costs:               € 30,- per person
  • Participants:  minimum 5 / maximum 10 persons
  • Local Hero:      Simone Drexel
  • Bring:               your own camera with a manuel mode "M"
  • Sign up:            until Monday, 02 of August, mail to

Paznauner Almkäse is one of the many culinary highlights in Paznaun. In this Learning Nugget, the Huber family from Galtür shows you their farm and in-house cheese manufactury, where you can experience the creation of their multiple award-winning cheese, from the raw material production to the ripening process. After that look behind the scenes you will enjoy a tasting.
(Participation only if you fulfill one of the 3G rules!)

  • Date:                Wednesday, 11 of August 2021
  • Location:          Hotel Almhof, Galtür
  • Time:                 1:00 - 4:00 pm
  • Costs:               € 30,- per person
  • Participants:  minimum 8 / maximum 15 persons
  • Local Hero:      Hermann Huber
  • Sign up:            until Tuesday, 10 of August, call +43 5443 8253

How and where can fire and flames start? How can you assess fire situations and behave correctly? The volunteer Fire Fighters of Ischgl will show you the correct handling in this Learning Nugget. In addition to theoretical and practical exercises on the use of extinguish equipment in case of fire, you will also visit a fire truck.
(Participation only if you fulfill one of the 3G rules!)

  • Date:                Tuesday, 24 of August 2021
  • Location:          Fire Department Ischgl
  • Time:                 1:30 - 4:00 pm
  • Costs:               free of charge
  • Participants:  minimum 8 / maximum 20 persons
  • Local Hero:      Werner Kleinhans
  • Sign up:            until Monday, 23 of August, 12 am, mailto

Attention sweet tooth! If you want to know everything about the production of the handmade chocolate "Tiroler Edle" and its history and also do not want to miss the chance to taste this chocolate made from the best local raw materials, you should sign up right now for this Learning Nugget.
(Participation only if you fulfill one of the 3G rules!)

  • Date:                Monday, 30 of August 2021
  • Location:          Hotel Goldener Adler, Ischgl
  • Time:                 2:30 - 4:00 pm
  • Costs:               free of charge (except consumation in the hotel)
  • Participants:  minimum 8 / maximum 15 persons
  • Local Hero:      Hansjörg & Christoph Haag
  • Sign up:            until Friday, 27 of August, mailto

This question is answered by Stefan, one of our gin experts in Paznaun. With over several thousand gin flavors worldwide, it's good to have an overview of which gin goes best with which tonic water. After all, it always comes down to the right selection to create and serve the perfect combination to the multitude of different tastes.
(Participation only from 18 years and if you fulfill one of the 3G rules!)

  • Date:                Wednesday, 1 of September 2021
  • Location:          KIWI Bar, Ischgl
  • Time:                 2:00 - 4:00 pm
  • Costs:               € 20,- per person
  • Participants:  minimum 5 / maximum 10 persons
  • Local Hero:      Stefan Ladner
  • Sign up:            until Sunday, 29 of August, mailto

Share your expertise

Local Hero

Every CREW member in Paznaun who likes to perform as a coach and wants to share his special knowledge to any topic, is welcome to teach a Learning Nugget.

What is your unique expertise you want to tell about?

Apply now to become a Local Hero, create your Learning Nugget with us and share your know-how with the CREW.