Silvrettatrailrun 3000

Classes & Prizes

Useful information about the run

Champing at the bit to get started? Stop! We have some few useful pieces of information for you to start with!

Silvrettatrailrun 3000 has various classes, depending on the ages of the runners. This page provides all the information about this; which D.O.B.s fall into which class and what category you ought to start in!

Of no less interest – the prizes that are waiting for you at the end of the race! Total prize money of € 14,000 is split according to category –all the information is available at a glance in our prize table.

General information about the classes

  • Minimum age: 16 years
  • Minimum age routes Medium & Hard: 18 years
  • On route Medium and Hard there is no category U20. 18- and 19 year-olds will be automatically rated in category M/W20.
  • The cut-off date for the age limits for the minimum age is the 16.07.2022. The year of birth counts for the various categories.
  • The minimum age must be proven by producing a photo ID! Should an entrant refuse this, the organiser has the right to exclude the entrant from participating in the race.

General information about the prizes

  • Total prize money of € 14.000
    Total prize money for daily victory on the route Hard: € 1.000 (winner of the day and winner of the category).
  • The prize money will only be handed out at the official award ceremony! Those who are not present at the award ceremony are not entitled to their prize money.
  • Legal recourse is excluded.

Group ranking

  • Trophies for the five largest groups & Travelling Cup
  • The largest group receives the "Travelling Cup Silvrettatrailrun 3000". This cup must be brought to the Silvrettatrailrun 3000 the following year.
  • If a group receives the Travelling Cup a total of three times, it can be kept and a new "Travelling Cup Silvrettatrailrun 3000" will be awarded.

Team ranking

  • 1st place:
  • 2nd place:
  • 3rd place:

Discover the route variants of the Silvrettatrailrun 3000 and choose your route for the race!