Regulations | Liability

The regulations are part of the competition conditions and must be adhered to. By participating in the Silvrettarun 3000 every participant accepts the regulations!

Each participant runs at their own risk and for their own account. The organiser declines any liability before, during and after the race (also towards third parties). Each runner participates on his own responsibility and bears the personal responsibility for his training and health condition. The instructions of the race management, course guards, doctors and helpers must be followed without exception. Any outside performance support is prohibited during the entire race.

By registering, each participant also accepts the conditions of participation!

Those who abandon the race report to the next course guard/medical service and hand in their race number there.

In high alpine terrain, weather and temperatures can change quickly. Good sun, cold and rain protection is required.

Contraventions of the competition rules will lead to disqualification. Any deviation from the signposted course will automatically lead to disqualification. Disqualifications can be pronounced by the race management without the right to appeal in case of violations of the rules or grossly unsportsmanlike conduct.

Participation in the Silvrettarun 3000 with a pet (e.g. dog) is unfortunately not permitted.

Die Teilnahme am Silvrettarun 3000 ist generell erst ab dem vollendeten 16. Lebensjahr gestattet. Teilnehmer und Teilnehmerinnen der mittleren und großen Strecke müssen das 18. Lebensjahr vollendet haben (Stichtag 15.07.2023)
Für Kinder und Jugendliche findet am Freitag, 14. Juli 2023 der "Silvretta Kids Run" statt.

Nordic Walking can only be done on the Small route.

The prize money will ONLY be awarded at the official award ceremony! Participants who are not present at the award ceremony are not entitled to any prize money. The legal process is excluded.

The medical service present along the course and at the finish is free of charge for the participants. Any helicopter service ordered will be at the expense of the participant. The medical service or the competition management has the right to withdraw participants with insufficient equipment or those who are in danger of harming their health from the race for a certain period of time or permanently.

Sticks are generally allowed at the Silvrettarun 3000. The only exception is at the neutralising start, as long as the police vehicle drives up (risk of injury!) - please keep the poles stowed or screwed together there!

The Medium and Hard routes, which take several hours of endurance running up to an altitude of 2,978 metres above sea level, demand special performance from the participants. Only a physically absolutely healthy and well-trained runner can meet these requirements. Acclimatisation of at least 3 days before the run at a suitable altitude is recommended.

Organisation and race committee

  • Organiser: Tourism Association Paznaun - Ischgl
  • Co-Organiser: Ski Club Silvretta Galtür
  • Timekeeping and results: Datasport
  • Rescue service: Ambulance Rotes Kreuz Ischgl and Mountain Rescue Galtür
  • Course and order service: Tourism Association Paznaun - Ischgl, Mountain Rescue Galtür, Ski Club Silvretta Galtür

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