Silvrettarun 3000

Group- & Team Rating

To the finish together

Definitely don’t want to miss the Silvrettarun 3000, but is doing a running event no fun on your own? In your circle of friends and acquaintances are there runners who are just as keen as you are, and do you want to celebrate victory with them?

How good is it that the Silvrettarun 3000 also has a group and team ranking! Head out into a mountain running adventure together, give everything for the team and share unforgettable memories!

And who knows, you might even take home the legendary hiking cup for the biggest group! Reason enough to head to the start with your running-enthusiast friends! In the team event there are attractive prizes for every team of three that are fastest in the ‘Small’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Hard’ categories. One thing applies more than anything else – only together are we strong!

Group rating

Regardless of time and route, the largest groups will be awarded at the victory ceremony! In order to be rated in the respective group (association, club), the entrant must start at the Silvrettarun 3000 and also complete one of the four routes, otherwise the entrant will not be rated with this group (e.g.: only registration, but no participation in the race).

The respective group (association, club) can be entered directly during online-registration. Please make sure the name of the group is spelt in exactly the same way (also in terms of upper and lower case letters) with regard to precise and correct allocation.


Who will be elected the fastest team for 2021?

One entrant per route (1 x HARD, 1 x MEDIUM, 1 x LIGHT, 1 x SMALL) - so a total of four entrants per team. These 4 times will be added together. Teams are put together regardless of gender. Registration of a team takes place directly where bib numbers are issued on Friday 15 or Saturday 16 July 2021 using a form, which will be available on site.