culinary st jacobs way

gourmet chefs on top of the mountain

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Enjoying the region’s most mouth-watering delicacies while hiking – thanks to the Culinary Way of St. James in the Paznaun region, that’s easy. Five award-winning chefs create top-class dishes that will sweep you away to gourmet heaven.

The best thing about it: Gourmet heaven is not all that far away! Actually, it’s nearer than you might think – more precisely, it’s right next to the most beautiful hiking trails of the Paznaun region. As part of the Culinary Way of St. James, award-winning chefs present their finest creations at the mountain huts of the region. In doing so, they combine alpine traditions with state-of-the-art cuisine and sophisticated dishes with down-to-earth ingredients.

Apart from their international renown, the five local chefs from the Paznaun region have one thing in common: their love for the mountains and the true taste of Tyrol.

Get to know the five award-winning chefs on the Culinary Way of St. James!

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