Hiking routes Kappl

Easily accessible spiritual energy points in Paznaun

Since the summer of 2013, the Alpe Dias has been home to an exhibition of Alpine life in Paznaun. Original settings are used to demonstrate how life in the Alps has changed over the last few decades. The short walk from the Dias mountain station leads past a petting zoo and small original huts and leads up just above the Alpe Dias – perfect for a family trip. On the journey back, you can walk down to the Sunny Mountain lake where a large adventure playground and BBQ areas complete the activities on offer.

Start / destination Diasbahn mountain station
Walking time              approx. 45 min
km 2 km

This short tour to the Rotweg chapel is ideal for hot days as the route passes through a shady forest. The walk starts opposite the Diasbahn valley station and follows a gentle incline into the wood. After a short time, you will come to the impressive Visnitz waterfall which crashes down below. Shortly after, you will reach the vantage point at the Rotweg chapel with beautiful views down into the valley. The return journey leads along the same route.

Start / destination Diasbahn valley station
Walking time approx. 1 h
km 2,3 km

The peaceful location of the Herzjesu chapel is the ideal place to relax and is easy to access from the village. The route starts out from the village square in Kappl and leads past the bakery to the left, along a steeper section up to the district of ‘Egg’.  Above the Hotel Sonne, a detour leads off to the chapel and runs along the path to Dias. This is one of over 90 chapels in Kappl and gave the place its name. Walking uphill a short way, you will reach a vantage point where you can look down into the valley.

Start / destintation Kappl village square
Walking time approx. 1 h
km 2,5 km

This comfortable walk runs from the Dias mountain station below the Alpe Dias (Alpine museum) to a sign for ‘Bergwiesen’ (mountain meadow). After a short time, you will reach this meadow which is dotted with old huts and benches. Here you can enjoy the sunshine and relax. The views extend as far as the Samnaun peaks near Ischgl. Visitors can also visit the Alpine museum at the Alpe Dias, the Sunny Mountain Adventure Park or the petting zoo. 

Start / destination Diasbahn mountain station 
Walking time             approx. 1 h
km 2,5 km

The original district of Langesthei is within comfortable reach by car or bus. The pace of life is slower in this small hamlet high above Kappl with its houses dotted along the steep hillsides. The painted vaulted ceiling in the St. Hieronymus Baroque church is particularly impressive. From the church, the route leads towards Ausserlangesthei to a hairpin bend with a magnificent resting place where you can enjoy views to Galtür and the neighbouring district of See.

Start / destination Langesthei church
Walking time approx. 45 min
km 1,5 km