Routes of the Culinary St. Jacobs Way Routes of the Culinary St. Jacobs Way

On the most beautiful trails to the pleasure hotspots of Paznaun

Routes of the Culinary St. Jacobs Way

If you’re hiking the Culinary Way of St. James, you’ll realise quickly: it’s not just the stop at one of the six huts that’s truly unique. The hiking routes on the way there are filled with highlights as well! 

Six pleasure-filled routes through the Paznaun 

Whether it’s up to the Jamtal hut, the Faulbrunnalm, the Friedrichshafener hut, the Heidelberger hut, the Almstrüberl or the Ascher hut: lovers of nature are going to enjoy every single one of the six routes. And there’s every reason for that – because the hiking routes offer some truly unique experiences! Thanks to the different levels of difficulty, every hiker can select the route that’s perfect for them. 

When six top chefs cook their finest food at six selected mountain inns in Paznaun, that can only mean pure indulgence! 

Wonderful Hikes - hearty meals

It's no surprise then, that six top chefs have also decided to create new dishes at this location. To be precise, in six idyllic alpine inns, which could hardly be more quaint. 

Good to know: All the dishes created as part of the Culinary Way of St. James will stay on the menus of the respective mountain inns throughout the summer! 

The pleasure-filled routes of the Culinary Way of St. James in more detail

Galtuer civic centre – Gasthof zum Rössele Hotel & over the bridge – right to the Jamtal – Alpe Egg – Menta Alp – Scheiben Alp – follow the road to Jamtal Hut

The Jamtal is one of the most beautiful high valleys in the Paznaun Alps. It extends from Galtuer in the south to the glaciers, which can be seen from the beginning of the valley. Starting from the Galtuer civic centre the hiking path leads around the Menta Alp (1,657m) and the Scheiben Alp (1,833m). After the 3-hour hike you will find the Jamtal Hut at 2,165m, offering stunning views of the huge Jamtal glacier and its surrounding peaks. Towards the end of June and the beginning of July the blossoming alpine roses provide an even lovelier hiking atmosphere. 

The Jamtal Hut is surrounded by the Silvretta’s highest peaks, like the Fluchthorn, the Jam-Peak and the tri-state-peak – to name but three of the 44 mountains higher than 2,000 or 3,000 metres. The hut is located right in the middle of this wonderful landscape. 

Due to the huge glacier area, this Silvretta region is also known as the “Blue Silvretta”. The side valleys surround the hut in a star-shaped pattern and therefore offer a wide range of hiking tours over rocks and ice, catering for all levels of experience both during the summer and winter months. The area also provides wonderful hiking paths for families. Start your climbing experience on one of the climbing crags near the hut, on the West Gamshorn or on the “via ferrata” on the Pfannknecht.

The Jamtal offers mountain biker easy gravel road ascent.

Alternative Ascent:

  • Before 9am and after 4.30pm you can access the Scheiben Alp by car.
  • Car access to Menta Alp gate all day long.
  • Charge for transport by hut taxi: €40 per car (up to 8 people)
    For advance reservation call +43 (5443) 8408

Car parks:

  • Sport and cultural centre Galtuer (free car park)
  • Doctor’s house - Dr. Treindl Galtuer (free car park)
  • Menta Alp (parking at own risk – Alp area! free car park)
  • Scheiben Alp (open from 9am to 4.30pm, parking at own risk – Alp area! free car park)

Route length

  • 20km round trip 
  • Peak: 2,164m
  • Valley: 1,584m
  • Total altitude: 580m

3 hours to Jamtal Hut 

Difficulty level: Red: moderate tour

Dates of operation:Will follow shortly

Suitable for families and prams: Yes

Open from:  26. June – 19. September 

InformationFaulbrunnalm :

Faulbrunnalm is a traditional, cosy inn very close to Kops Reservoir. Even though it is in the middle of the ski area, the inn is also open during the warmer seasons. A joy for hungry hikers, since a tour of the 'Culinary St Jacob's Way' heads right there.

Everything kicks off with a relaxing gondola journey. The Alpkogelbahn sweeps you up to 2050 metres, making easy work of most of the ascent. Once you get to the top all that remains is 140 metres.

A well-surfaced forest path lines the way for you. You head out into unspoilt, wonderful natural surroundings. Taking in the really superb panorama, you walk to your destination, the Faulbrunnalm, getting there after some three and half kilometres, where delicious food awaits. The great thing is,  you really can fill your belly - from here it genuinely is a stone's throw back to the Alpkogelbahn mountain station.

Dates of operation: 

3rd July – 26th September 

Parking lot Friedrichshafener Lodge (Valzur district) along the shortcut to the lodge

The Friedrichshafener Lodge is a well-maintained mountain inn, built form natural stone, located at 2,151 m in the Verwall Alps, about 700 metres in altitude above Mathon. From the starting point - the parking lot of the Friedrichshafener Lodge in Valzur district - the route leads along the shortcut up to the lodge in about two hours. The first part of the route passes through the forest, then impressive views open up above the treeline towards Ischgl and Galtür with their local mountains "Rauer Kopf" and "Gorfenspitze".

If this route is too steep for you, we recommend the alternative road way which is also suitable for off-road prams and less steep. The route winds its way along 16 curves up to the lodge. A small lake right by the lodge perfectly tops off the scene and provides refreshment on hot summer days.

Those staying overnight in Galtür can also get to the Friedrichshafener Lodge along the impressive route, covering 1,000 meters in altitude (not suitable for prams).

Parking lot

  • Parking lot Friedrichshafener Lodge in Valzur (free)

Route distance

  • Distance (round trip): 13 km
  • Highest point: 2,138 m
  • Lowest point: 1,544 m 
  • Total elevation gain: 760 metres in altitude 


  • In just under 2 hours you'll reach the Friedrichshafener Lodge
  • Level of difficulty: red – medium tour 

Way back

  • same way back 

Dates of operation:

  • 18. June – 3. October

Ischgl right above the church – Fimba walking path – cable car middle station – Boden Alp – Gampen Alp – Fimba Alp – Heidelberger Hut

Of all the valleys in Paznaun, the Fimba Valley is the most important and interesting one with regard to its history and its economic influence. The Fimba Valley extends around 16 kilometres southwest towards the High-Silvretta. The valley’s creek, the Fimbabach, has made its course, a gorge, through the rock – the so called “Kitzloch”. Starting at the church in Ischgl the Fimba hiking trail leads around the Bodenalp (1,842m), the Gampen Alp (1,975m) and the Fimba Alp (2,123m). The meadows around the Boden Alp are considered to be the most wildlife-rich grasslands in the Eastern Alps. The Boden Alp is highly recommended to all of you with a special interest in botany. Above the Gampen Alp you will be able to see white spots, the so called “gesso holes”. The name refers to the former gesso quarry. One of the great local experiences for families is the Fimba Alp, where shepherds still keep around 700-800 cattle.

After a 4-hour hike you will reach the Heidelberger Hut at 2,264m, which is the only German Alpine Association accommodation on Swiss territory. The hut is located in the middle of this stunning landscape at the bottom of the majestic Fluchthorn (3,399m) on the border between Austria and Switzerland. Although being included in the Tyrolean Paznaun, the upper Fimba Valley is actually part of Switzerland, which means that the Swiss alp owners have to make their way over the 2,608 metre high Fimba Pass to get to their Alps.

Well-equipped and experienced mountain climbing enthusiasts will find several hiking trails in Ischgl. Over the Kronenjoch ridge (2,976m) and over the Zahnjoch ridge (2,945m) you can get to the Jamtal Hut and to Galtuer; over the Ritzenjoch ridge (2,687m) to Larein and Mathon and over the Fimba Pass (2,608) to Val Sinestra and to Sent in Unterengadin.

Every year the Heidelberger Hut serves as a milestone for thousands of transalpine mountain bikers on their way over the Fimba Pass to Engadin. The Mountain bikers can use the steep asphalt ascent alongside the Fimba Creek or choose the cable car to the middle station. The asphalt path from the middle station is much flatter and leads to the Boden Alp and onwards on a gravel track to the Heidelberger Hut. For the descent you can mountain bike on nice trails to the left of the Fimba Creek.

Alternative Ascent:

Ascent with Silvretta Cable Car to intermediate station (please the opening hous and rates of the Silvretta Seilbahn (Benefits with Silvretta Card)

Ascent with hut taxi:

  • For advance reservations call +43 664 4253070

Alternative Hiking Paths:

Enjoy a hiking trip in Ischgl on the panoramic path
Cable car to Idalpe – chair lift to the Idjoch ridge – on the Greitspitze to Zeblajoch ridge – on Val Gronda to Heidelberger Hut (hiking time 4 hours) 

Indulgence hike from Mathon to Larain Alp
Mathon – underpass at the Glöckner Inn – Nederli – Wildpark – Larain Alp – Ritzenjoch ridge – Heidelberger Hut (hiking time 5 to 5½ hours)

Car park:

  • Silvretta cable car Ischgl (free car park)

Track length:

  • 27 km round trip
  • Peak: 2,264m
  • Valley: 1,377m
  • Total altitude: 900m


  • 1 hour to middle station
  • 2 hours to Boden Alp
  • 4 hours to Heidelberger Hut 
  • Difficulty level: Red: moderate tour

Dates of operation:

  • 20. June – Mid September

Kappl – via the Diasbahn cable car to the mountain station – Almstüberl

Natural environment

In the sunny Lower Paznaun Valley are the scattered individual districts of the Kappl municipality. A total of 90 small hamlets – natural small settlements - surrounded by the imposing ranges of up to 3,000-metre high mountains in the Verwall, Samnaun and Silvretta groups contribute to the special flavour of the Paznaun Alpine region.

With the Diasbahn cable car you can comfortably reach 1,800 m, from where there is only a short walk up to the cosy Almstüberl. The sun-drenched, lush alpine meadows make you just want to hike and enjoy the view, above all else. The Almstüberl is close to the Sunny Mountain Adventure Park, which offers countless entertainment options for children and families. Also nearby is the Dias Almmuseum, which holds weekly guided tours about alpine herbs and Alpine cheese.

Car park

Ample free car parking is available at the valley station of the Kappl cable cars.

Routh length

The family-friendly option leads from the mountain station of the Diasbahn cable car up to the Alpengasthof Dias guesthouse, past the Almmuseum and then leads right, on towards the Almstüberl. The route is suitable for prams and e-bikes.

The alternative route also leads up from the mountain station of the Diasbahn to the Alpengasthof Dias guest house. Then it also leads through the petting zoo, continues left and carries on over a climb on forest and meadow paths and via a shortcut to the Almstüberl.

  • 6 km there and back
  • Highest point: 1,963 m
  • Lowest point: 1,830 m
  • Overall height gain: 100 metres altitude


  • Approx. 1hour to the Almstüberl
  • Difficulty grade: blue, easy route


  • The same way, respectively

Hut opening times:

  • 19. June – 19. September (on Mondays closed)

See – Medrig Alp – Ascher Hut – Versing Alp – Medrig Alm – See

Natural environment

Paznaun is an ideal starting point for hiking in See in Tyrol on the different mountain groups. Samnaun, Verwall and Silvretta are easy to reach and day trips from the valley are possible as well as multi-day mountain bike tours. The dispersed settlement of See is located 1,050m above sea level on the right-hand side of the valley. It is mainly made up of farms and hamlets.
Starting from the centre of See this hiking trail leads around the parish church, on the road to the Schaller Hamlet. Carry on hiking uphill on the forest road until you reach the breathtaking waterfall, which is considered to be See’s most stunning natural beauty. After passing the Medrig Alp at 1,800m you will come to the Ascher Hut. Enjoy the fresh alpine air at 2,256 metres and the beautiful views of the Blankalopf or the Rotpleiskopf. Take the gentle and elevated footpath to the Versing Alp (1,937m) for your ascent and further to the Medrig Alp back to See. The beautiful round trip provides stunning views of Lower-Paznaun’s sunny side with the Verwall-Group.
This trail is also very popular with mountain bikers. The whole route lets you enjoy the lovely panorama and you can even take some time-out on the sun-terrace at the Ascher Hut. You can choose to take the more challenging trail-descent, before returning on a gravel path through the forest to the See valley.

Alternative Ascent:

Ascend with the See mountain railway to the middle station – Medrig Alp. Along the broad forest road you will reach the Ascher Hut after a 2-hour hike. (Please pay attention to operating hours and prices)

Car park:

  • Village centre See: mountain railway free car park

Track length:

  • 24km round trip 
  • Peak: 2,256m
  • Valley: 1,040m
  • Total altitude: 1,216m


  • 4 hours to Ascher Hut 
  • Difficulty level: Red: moderate tour

Dates of operation:

  • 1. July – 17. October